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CPC Bearings, Inc. is a national distributor of quality industrial products including: all types of bearings, v-belts, sheaves, seals, industrial tools, couplings, gearboxes, sprockets and roller chain.

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CPC Bearings, Inc.

3770, North Old Lawrence Road
United States


Tel: 316.832.0618

Fax: 316.832.9363

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We provide a complete line of proven products to the manufacturing, farm, and resource industries throughout the United States. Our inventory products include bearings of all types and sizes, belts (V-belts, panther belts, garden and lawn series, and others), chain and accessories, band saw blades, cutting tools and fluids, and other industrial supplies.

Service to you is our specialty. Each customer is important and benefits from individual attention to details. This specialty is enhanced by our years of experience and knowledge in industrial repair.