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We carry a wide range of products by the top manufacturers in the industry.
(CPC may not be the authorized distributor for all lines, but we have access to all lines.)

AMI General MB Bower/BCA
Peer ORS IKO Timken
QA1 FAG Smith
Moline   Thompson INA
FYH Schatz Royersford  
V-Belts and Sheaves
Bando Dayco/CPT Belts A-Metric Bestorq
Maska Jason Industrial    
Chains and Sprockets
U.S.Tsubaki SST Whitney Acme
Union Jeffrey  
Industrial Tools
Loctite ViseGrip Bondus Stanley
Mak-A-Key Uniquip WD-40 Federal
Hi-Tech TAP Magic Titan Drill Bits & Taps Lubriplate
Dodge Foote-Jones Superior
Magnaloy Lovejoy Lovejoy System Components
U.S.T. Maska Sier Bath