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Pumphrey Machine Company, Inc., sister company of CPC, was started by Craig Pumphrey in 1977. At the time, everyone was opening job shops, but only a handful of these shops made it out of the ‘80’s.

PMCI survived against the odds - something must be working.

tools for the job

Because of the unique relationship of these two companies our customers are able to order parts that fit their specs. If a sprocket needs faced, a gearbox needs upgraded, or the head of a bolt needs to be trimmed it can all be done without leaving the property. You’ll get your parts the way you want them, the first time, at a price you can afford.

PMCI is an industrial repair job shop with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Over 75% of the employees of PMCI have 20+ years experience with the company.

Whether you need a shop to handle your repair work on conventional machines or a shop to handle high production on CNC machines, PMCI has the tools for the job. Many operations have been individually tailored to fit our clients’ needs.